Top 8 event management skills an event organizer must have

The event organizer is the person responsible for negotiating and coordinating any event from corporate and corporate events to trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, congresses and conventions, among others. The event planner is, therefore, a multidisciplinary person with a great ability to adapt and listen. This event professional normally works in a complex sector because each project is unique, has different needs, and efforts must focus on allowing to adapt to its particularities.

Responsibilities of an event organizer

It’s usual for an event organizer to be in charge of planning and supervising events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and business retreats, among other things. Depending on his employment contract, the event organizer in Malaysia may be employed by a provider, such as a hotel or other facility where events are commonly hosted, or he may be employed independently of a specific provider. Many event organizer Malaysia are responsible for the overall logistics of the event as well as the coordination of all of the vendors who are involved in the event, which may be a difficult task.

Qualities of a good event organizer

While there is no magic formula or determined rules to follow for all events to be a complete success, there are a few common qualities that identify a good event planner.


During the entire process of organising an event, unforeseen events occur, not everything happens on the scheduled dates, and she often works under pressure. Faced with this great challenge, having an extra ration of patience helps a lot to ensure that the project ends well.

For an event to be a success, anticipation and correct time management is vital. An event requires the coordination of many sectors and professional profiles or different people. So, if the event planner is not a master of order, planning and organisation, he will not last long in this sector.

A good event planner of the twenty-first century does not turn his back on technology during his events, but he integrates it into his success. Today, technology is indispensable and represents a differentiating element, which will leave a memory of satisfaction of the event.

For example, with an Event App, the organizer makes the flow of information with the assistants more agile. It can display the program, places of interest, sessions and speakers, create a program of meetings and many other options that will undoubtedly facilitate the organisation of the event. And obviously, it is possible to customise the applications to your liking in order to obtain a unique result.


An event organizer Malaysia must be familiar with new technologies. It’s not about being an expert in holograms or drones, but at least feeling comfortable with the new technologies and apps available to communicate.

Sense of contact

Transmitting optimism and being a smiling person is a good characteristic of an event planner. In the end, it is also part of the image of the event

Being a good communicator is an essential element. Beyond being sociable face to face, you will often have to answer emails, calls, messages, or even use social networks. This is why it is essential to know how to communicate and be comfortable with this role.

And you, you identify with these characteristics? Do you think it is missing? Tell us! And if, in addition to knowing how to be a good event organizer, you want to receive some advice, don’t get lost in the next post!

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