How to create a green infrastructure for your building

Examples of green infrastructure

This infrastructure includes planting of trees which reduces does not only reduce pollution but a tree windbreak might also the costs of cooling and heating by a large percentage. A rain garden protects the area from flooding and is also important for wildlife. It also helps the ground water to increase so that less pipes needs to be installed. Wetland restoration on the other hand protects the soil from washing away and improves the quality of water. This might be beneficial for people who can enjoy fun0filled activities including hunting and fishing. Green roofs allow the runoffs to be reduced by as much as 90%, which also helps to reduce the level of pollution as a result. It also has features that can allow home to be cool during summer season and warm during winters. Native landscaping does not need the use of fertilizers and pesticides, etc., which reduces the damage that is done to plants. It also helps to attract birds, animals and butterflies and improve the environment overall. All these factors show that green infrastructure is one of the best ways to contribute positively toward environment protection.

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